Linhai 300cc Timing Chain

We supply Linhai 300cc timing chain.It can drive the engine's valve train.It has good quality to use.

The timing system of ATV is composed of belt drive or chain drive. Most of the previous car engines were belted, and only high-end car engines were chain driven. But with the continuous development of society, the engines of most cars today are chain drive, and ATV is no exception.

With the continuous advancement of car construction technology and industrial development, the timing belt of some engines has been replaced by the engine chain. Compared with the traditional belt drive, the drive of the chain drive method is reliable, durable and saves space. The entire system is composed of gears, chains and tensioning devices. Among them, the hydraulic tensioner can automatically adjust the tensioning force, so that the chain tensioning force is consistent and maintenance-free for life, which makes it the same life as the engine. Not only has safety and reliability been improved, but also the use and maintenance costs of the engine have been greatly reduced. Two birds with one stone.

Our Linhai 300cc timing chain plays this role.

linhai 300cc timing chain

Linhai 300cc timing chain

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Fit for: Linhai 300cc engine

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