Hisun 700 Clutch One Way Bearing Assy

Hisun 700 Clutch One Way Bearing Assy is a basic piece that appears with the development of mechatronics products. It is an important component for the power transmission and separation function between the prime mover and the working machine or between the driving and driven shafts inside the machine. It is a device with self-clutching function by using the speed change of the master and slave parts or the change of the rotation direction.

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Hs 700 Clutch One Way BearingHisun 700 Clutch One Way Bearing


Hisun 700 clutch one way bearing assy uses a special wedge instead of a roller as a wedge tightening member. It is a clutch that uses a wedge and an inner and outer raceway to form a friction pair. Only when there is no relative movement between the inner ring, the outer ring and the wedge, the steering is the same, and the rotation speed is the same, can the torque be transmitted, otherwise they are all relatively sliding. Wedge overrunning clutches are mainly of basic type, without inner ring type and bearing type. Its connection form is divided into key connection, gear connection, pulley connection, sprocket connection, bolt connection and so on.

The type of roller overrunning clutch is divided into two types: the outer star wheel and the inner star wheel. The so-called yoke refers to the conjugate surface of a cylinder and a cylindrical hole, and the star wheel has a recess to accommodate the roller. Slot parts. In order to facilitate processing and ensure processing accuracy, the inner star wheel is widely used. According to the shape of the star wheel working surface, it can be divided into three types: flat type, logarithmic spiral surface type and eccentric cylindrical surface type. Among them, flat type machining is simple and widely used, but its wedge contact angle does not change with the change of roller wear and contact position, but it is difficult to process; the easiness of machining, performance and life of eccentric cylindrical surfaces are at the forefront. between the two

Fit for:

Hisun 500 ATV

Hisun 500 UTV

Hisun 700 ATV 

Hisun 700 UTV

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The minimum quantity is 1 pieces.

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