Hisun 700 ATV UTV Camshaft Sprocket

Hisun 700 ATV UTV Camshaft Sprocket is driven by a chain.

Product Name: Hisun 500 ATV Camshaft                               ERP No: P0070001431A0000

Hisun Code: 1431A-007000-0000                                          MOQ: 1 pc 

Shipping: Express                                                                    Delivery time: 3-15 days 

Hisun 700 Camshaft SprocketHisun 750 ATV Camshaft Sprocket


The working process of the fine die of Hisun 700 ATV UTV Camshaft sprocket of  is as follows:

After the sheet is fed in, the lower table of the fine blanking press is raised, and the mold

Ring gear pressing plate 3, ejector 5, ejector 17 first press the sheet,

The three-dimensional compressive stress required for fine blanking. The next workbench continues to go up, the mold cut into the sheet with a cutting edge until the material separates.

After blanking, the mold is opened, and the blanking cylinder of the fine blanking press is pushed down.

Move the ejector rods 8 and 10 so that the ejector 5 and the ring gear platen 3 remove

Introduced in Module 4. The back pressure cylinder of the fine blanking press pushes the ejector rod 14 upward, so that

The ejector 17 ejects the workpiece from the die 20.

Thereafter, the strip is fed forward, with the round hole being received by the stopper pin 18

While positioning, the fine blanking process will continue to be repeated.

Fit for:

Hisun 500 ATV

Hisun 500 UTV

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How about the minimun quantity? 

The minimum quantity is 1 pieces.

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