Hisun 500 700 800 Temperature Sensor

Hisun 500 700 800 Temperature Sensor refers to a sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into a usable output signal. Temperature sensor is the core part of temperature measuring instrument, and there are many varieties. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into two categories: contact type and non-contact type. According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components, it can be divided into two types: thermal resistance and thermocouple.

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Hisun ATV UTV Temperature SensorHisun 500 ATV Temperature Sensor

Working principle of Hisun 500 700 800 Temperature Sensor

Sensor designed by metal expansion principle

Metal will produce a corresponding extension after the ambient temperature changes, so the sensor can signal this response in different ways.

Bimetallic sensor

The bimetal sheet is composed of two pieces of metal with different expansion coefficients pasted together. As the temperature changes, the material A expands more than the other metal, causing the metal sheet to bend. The curvature of the bend can be converted into an output signal.

Bimetal rod and metal tube sensor

As the temperature increases, the length of the metal tube (material A) increases, but the length of the unexpanded steel rod (metal B) does not increase, so that due to the change of position, the linear expansion of the metal tube can be transmitted. In turn, this linear expansion can be converted into an output signal.

Sensor designed for liquid and gas deformation curve

When the temperature changes, the liquid and gas will also change in volume accordingly.

Various types of structures can convert this change in expansion into a change in position, thus generating a change in position output (potentiometer, sensor deviation, baffle, etc.).

Fit for:

Hisun 400 ATV UTV

Hisun 500 ATV UTV

Hisun 700 ATV UTV

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How about the minimun quantity? 

The minimum quantity is 1 piece

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