CFMoto Timing Chain

CFMoto 500cc CF188 Timing Chain 124L,CFMoto CF800 Timing Chain 118L

0180-024200,CFMoto 500cc CF188 Timing Chain 124L

  • 2011    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2012    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2013    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2014    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2015    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2016    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

0800-024100,CFMoto CF800 Timing Chain 118L

Timing Chain 800

  • 2012    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

  • 2013    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

  • 2014    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

  • 2015    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

  • 2016    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

  • 2017    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

The work of the timing chain is to rely on a high-strength metal chain to connect the sprocket of the crankshaft and camshaft and to keep it running in sync. Because of the high-speed operation between metals, rapid wear and high temperature, it is necessary to design a corresponding lubrication system for cooling and lubrication. At the same time, the timing chain used in engine design still has the problem of friction and noise between metals. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers need to take various measures, such as design optimized chains. In order to solve these problems, the design and manufacturing costs of the engine will inevitably increase.

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