CF 500 Overriding Clutch

CF 500 Overriding Clutch is a basic part that appears with the development of mechatronics products. It is an important component used for power transmission and separation between the prime mover and the working machine or between the driving shaft and the driven shaft inside the machine. It is a device with self-clutching function by using the speed change or rotation direction change of the main and the driven parts.

CF 500 Overriding Clutch may fits

2011    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2012    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2013    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2014    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2015    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2016    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

It was sold in the U.S. market in the late 1960s. Just started as a game of off-road racing, and gradually became a game racing, practicality, family leisure and so on.

CF 500 Overriding Clutch uses a special-shaped wedge instead of a roller as a wedge. It is a clutch that uses a wedge and an inner and outer race to form a friction pair. When there is no relative movement between the inner ring, the outer ring and the wedge, the rotation direction is the same, and the rotation speed is the same, then the torque can be transmitted, otherwise it is relative sliding. This kind of sliding state without torque transmission is called overtaking. Wedge overrunning clutches mainly have basic type, no inner ring type and bearing type. Its connection forms are divided into key connection, gear connection, belt wheel connection, sprocket connection, bolt connection and so on.

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