Can-am Radiator With Gasket

Can-am Oil Radiator

Can-am radiator with gasket

Can-am Oil Radiator


Fit for: Can-am


Part number: 420890180 / 420430325

Can-am Oil RadiatorBRP Oil Radiator


The oil radiator is also called oil cooler. It is an oil cooling device applied to diesel engines. According to the cooling method, the oil cooler can be divided into water cooling and air cooling.

Generally speaking, the engine oil generally refers to the three types of engine oil, vehicle gear oil (MT) and hydraulic transmission oil (AT). Only the hydraulic transmission oil requires an external oil cooler (that is, the oil radiator you say) ) Forced cooling, because the hydraulic transmission oil working in the automatic transmission needs to play the role of hydraulic torque conversion, hydraulic transmission and lubrication cleaning at the same time, the working temperature of the hydraulic transmission oil is relatively high, if not forced If it is cooled, the transmission may be ablated, so the role of the oil cooler is to cool the hydraulic transmission oil to ensure that the automatic transmission can work normally.


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