Linhai 500cc Magneto Stator

We can supply Linhai 500cc Magneto stator.The fixed part of the motor is called the stator.

Stator is divided into concentrated winding and distributed winding

Concentrated windings are applied to salient pole stators. They are usually wound into rectangular coils, wrapped and shaped by warp tapes, and then dipped and dried, and then embedded in the core of the convex pole. The magnetizing coils of general commutator motors (including DC motors and general-purpose motors) and the main pole windings of single-phase shaded-pole salient-pole motors all use concentrated windings.

Distributed winding

The stator of the distributed winding motor has no convex pole palm. Each magnetic pole is composed of one or several coils in accordance with a certain rule to form a coil group. After being energized, magnetic poles of different polarities are formed, so it is also called a hidden pole type. According to the arrangement of the embedded wiring, the distributed winding can be divided into two types: concentric and stacked.

(1) Concentric winding Concentric winding is composed of several coils with similar shapes but different sizes, which are embedded into a loop-shaped coil group at the same center position. Concentric windings can be composed of dual-plane or three-plane windings according to different wiring methods. The stator windings of general single-phase motors and some three-phase asynchronous motors with small power or large span coils adopt this type.

(2) Stacked windings Stacked windings are generally formed by coils of the same shape and size, with one or two coil sides embedded in each slot, and stacked one by one at the outer end of the slot to be evenly distributed. Stacked winding is divided into two types: single stacked and double stacked. A single-stacked winding, or single-stacked winding, is embedded in each slot with only one coil edge; when two coil edges belonging to different coil groups are embedded in each slot, it is placed in the upper and lower layers of the slot, which is a double-layered winding, or Called double-stacked winding. According to the change of the embedded wiring method, the stacked winding can be derived from the cross type, concentric cross type, and single and double layer hybrid type.

We can provide Linhai 500cc Manegto stator with good quality.

Linhai 500cc Manegto stator

Linhai 500cc Manegto stator

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Fit for: Linhai 500cc engine


What is your terms of packing?

A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral cartons boxes. It all depends, we will pack it according to different parts, of course, we are going to pack it according to customer offer.

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