Linhai 400cc EFI Flywheel Rotor

We can supply Linhai 400cc EFI Flywheel Rotor.In a motor, the rotating part is called a rotor, and by rotating, a rotating magnetic field is created.

The magnetomotor rotor is less likely to fail, and is generally not easily damaged. If it is demagnetized, it will usually have difficulties such as difficulty in starting or difficulty in electric starting and insufficient power generation. If the rotor is deformed or damaged, there will be abnormal noises, large vibrations, and even engine jams, but it rarely occurs.

So how to check the rotor? Rotate the rotor shaft by hand. When the magnetic poles are reversed, the resistance first increases gradually like a compression spring, and it will suddenly rotate on its own after reaching the neutral point, but there should be no frictional stagnation during the entire rotation. If so, the bearings may be excessively worn or damaged, causing the stator and rotor to scratch each other.

At the same time, open the two contacts with your hand or tool to observe, if there is any dirt, you should clean it. If there is slight ablation, you can fold it in half with sandpaper strips so that the two sands are facing outwards, sandwiched between the contacts and twitched and polished. If it is severely ablated, the contacts should be removed, polished with oilstone and reinstalled, or simply replaced with new ones.

If it is determined that the rotor is damaged, our Linhai 400CC EFI flywheel rotor will be your best choice.

Linhai 400cc EFI Flywheel Rotor

Linhai 400cc EFI Flywheel Rotor

Fit for: Linhai 400cc EFI engine

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