Hisun 800 ATV Magneto Stator

A small alternator that uses a permanent magnet to generate a magnetic field is the ignition source in a gasoline engine's ignition system. The magneto motor ignition system consists of switches, ignition coils, circuit breakers, capacitors, distributors, and safety discharge devices. It generates high voltage electricity and generates spark plugs that are distributed to each cylinder.

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Hisun 800 ATV Magneto StatorHisun 800CC Engine Magneto Stator


The most basic working principle of a magnetic motor: the permanent magnet rotates in the iron core, the primary coil on the iron core induces an electromotive force (called the primary potential), a current is generated when the circuit breaker contacts are closed (called the primary current), and when the circuit breaker is disconnected When the contacts are suddenly opened and the primary current is suddenly cut off, the secondary coil induces a relatively high electromotive force (called the secondary potential), causing the spark plug to trip. In order to get the strongest spark plug flashover, the maximum secondary potential should be obtained; in order to obtain the maximum secondary potential, the breaker contact should be closed when the primary potential is zero, and open when the primary potential is maximum.

When is the primary potential maximum? The moment when the primary potential is the maximum should be when the pole of the permanent magnet rotates through the neutral position 80 ° -100 °. This angle is called the "position angle", which ensures that the correct position angle of the contactor of the circuit breaker relative to the cam can obtain the correct position angle. This requirement can be met as long as the mark is installed. For example, when assembling a C210 type magnetic motor, you should align the two engraved lines on the bottom plate of the breaker with the case, and align the pointer on the breaker with the score on the cam. The engraved lines on the big and small transmission gears, the casing and the cutout on the bottom plate of the breaker should be aligned respectively.

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