CF Moto Rotor

CF Moto Rotor

CF moto Magneto 500cc 600cc 800cc X5 X6 Z6 X8 Z8 U8 0180-032000 0180-032000-10000 0800-032000


2007-2009  CF500 Long 2-Up ATV 

2007-2009  CF500 Short ATV 

2008-2010  UForce Rancher 500 UTV  STATOR ASSY

2011  CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV 

2011  CF500-2A Two-Up ATV 

2011  RANCHER 500 UTV 

2011  X5 LWB X-Lander ATV 

2011  X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV 

2011  X5SWB Short (carb) ATV 

2012  CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV 

2012  CF500-2A Two-Up ATV 

2012  Rancher 500 UTV 

2012  X5 LWB X-Lander ATV 

2012  X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV - CAMSHAFT

2012  X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV 

2013  CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV  STATOR ASSY

2013  Rancher 500 (CF500-5) 

2013  X5 LWB X-Lander ATV 

2013  X5 SWB X-Lander (carb) ATV 

2014  CF500-2 (Single Seat) 

2014  CF500-2A (Double Seat) 

2014  Rancher 600 (UFORCE)  STATOR ASSY

2014  X5LWB Carb (Double Seat) 

2014  X5SWB Carb (Single Seat) 


2012  800cc X8 ENGINE  ASSY

2012  X8 TerraLander ATV 

2013  800 Tracker Sport UTV 

2013  800cc U8 ENGINE  ASSY

2013  800cc X8 ENGINE  ASSY

2013  800cc Z8 ENGINE  ASSY

2013  X8 800 ATV 

2014  800cc U8 ENGINE  ASSY

2014  800cc Z8 ENGINE  ASSY

2014  UForce 800 

2014  X8 EFI (Double Seat) 

2014  Z8-EX ZForce Sport 800 

2015  CF800 800cc  ASSY

2015  UFORCE 800 EX UTV 

2015  ZFORCE 800 EX SSV 

2015  ZFORCE 800 SSV 

2016  UForce 800EX SSV 

2016  ZForce 800 SSV 

2016  ZForce 800EX SSV 

2017  CForce 800 Dual Seat  ASSY

2017  UForce 800 Utility  ASSY

2017  ZForce 800 Trail SSV  ASSY

2017  ZForce 800-EX SSV  ASSY.

2019  ZForce 800 Trail EPS Sport SSV  ASSY

2019  ZForce 800-EX EPS Sport SSV  ASSY

The most basic working principle of a magneto: permanent magnets rotate in an iron core, the primary coil on the iron core induces an electromotive force (called a primary electric potential), and a current is generated when the breaker contact is closed (called a primary current). When the contact opens suddenly and cuts off the primary current suddenly, the secondary coil induces a relatively high electromotive force (called the secondary potential), causing the spark plug to spark. In order to obtain the strongest spark plug sparking, the maximum secondary potential should be obtained; in order to obtain the maximum secondary potential, the breaker contact should be closed when the primary potential is zero, and opened when the primary potential is maximum.

When is the primary potential maximum? The moment when the primary potential is maximum should be when the pole of the permanent magnet rotates through the neutral position 80°-100°. This angle is called the "position angle" to ensure the correct installation position of the breaker contact with respect to the cam The correct position angle can be obtained. This requirement can be satisfied as long as the alignment mark is installed. For example, when assembling a C210 magnetomotor, the two engraved lines on the bottom plate of the breaker and the casing should be aligned, and the pointer on the breaker should be aligned with the notch on the cam; when assembling the C244 magnetomotor, The engraved lines on the transmission gears of large and small, the casing and the engraved lines on the bottom plate of the breaker should be aligned respectively.

As for the requirement that the breaker contact should be closed when the primary potential is zero, as long as the position angle is correct and the contact gap is adjusted to the specified value, it can be met. Of course, adjusting the contact gap to the specified value is not only to meet this requirement, the appropriate contact gap can also make the spark not too large when the contact is opened, to avoid premature contact ablation.

Correct adjustment

The general operating instructions have the maximum contact gap of 0.3mm. For a magneto that has been disassembled and not properly installed, it is not enough to adjust the contact gap. This is because the primary current of the magneto ignition is different from the constant battery voltage supply of the battery ignition coil for automobiles. Only when the pole of the rotor of the magneto and the pole of the stator are in a certain position of the polarity exchange transition, the maximum will be induced Only when the breaker is disconnected, the secondary coil will induce the strongest flashover voltage. To ensure this relationship, there is a line marking between the bottom of the contact mounting base and the case. However, the position of the line cannot be determined at the time when the following conditions are encountered: the bottom line is not clear, the bottom plate and the housing are not original, and the bottom plate is exchanged for the modification of the left-handed and right-handed magnetic motors. The following method can be used to roughly determine a specific position of the above polarity exchange transition: first loosen the two bottom plate fixing screws slightly, then turn the eccentric adjustment screw to the neutral position, slowly rotate the rotor by hand, and observe the shaft head When the power-off cam is about to actuate the contact point, the alternation point of the magnetic force from resistance to gravitation is determined with hand feeling and is strictly fixed. Observe the two contacts at this time. If it is just slightly open, you can tighten the fixing screws of the two bottom plates. If the two contacts are not open or open too much, you can turn the bottom plate slightly to make the contacts just open slightly. solid. Finally, check whether the maximum opening degree meets the regulations. If the difference is too large, you can adjust the eccentric screw slightly, and then repeat the adjustment of the above contact opening time, you will get satisfactory results, that is, use the high-voltage wire to turn the casing by hand to light the fire In the test, the distance of ignition is generally above 7mm.

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