Steering assistance is to assist the driver to adjust the direction of the car, and to reduce the strength of the driver's steering wheel. Of course, steering assistance also plays a certain role in the safety and economy of the car.


1, mechanical hydraulic type, the usual inspection must pay a lot of attention to the fluid in the tank can not be lacking, in addition, try not to hit the corner too long. In addition, pay attention to whether the steering is very heavy, whether there is noise and other phenomena. If this is the case, you need to check for problems such as the oil pump V-belt and internal pressure.

2. Electro-hydraulic, pay attention to the amount of booster oil, and pay attention to the inspection when the warning light is on.

3. Electric power-assisted system. Although this system is relatively simple in structure, it cannot be seen through the naked eye when it is maintained. If there is a problem of heavy direction and disobedience, the method is to measure it.

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