CFMOTO 500cc Gear Motor

Gear motor is a combination of a motor plus a reduction gear. These are often conveniently packaged together in one unit. The gear reduction reduces the speed of the motor, and with a corresponding increase in torque.

Front gear motor for  CFMOTO X5\X6\X8\CF550\U5\Z5\U8\Z8.

Gearmotors can be built with either ac or dc motors. In addition, a common way to categorize gearmotors is by the type of gearing used. So there are a number of choices for the gear reducer. Common types of gears that can be paired with a motor to form a complete gearmotor include bevel, helical, hypoid, spur and worm gears.

Parts number: 0181-314000

This front DIFF SERVO is in very good condition and shows normal signs of wear.

Used for exchange between all-wheel-drive and rear-drive.

Pre-drilled and easy to install.


Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Wire Length: 62 cm / 24.41 inch

Siut for:

2007-2009 CFMoto CF500 Long 2-Up 

ATV2007-2009 CFMoto CF500 Short ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto CF500-2A Two-Up ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto RANCHER 500 UTV

2011-2014 CFMoto RANCHER 600 UTV

2011-2014 CFMoto X5 LWB X-Lander ATV

2011-2015 CFMoto X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV

2011-2015 CFMoto X5 ShortWB (EFI) ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto X5LWB Long (efi) ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto X5SWB Short (carb) ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto X6 LWB X-Lander ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto X6 SWB X-Lander ATV

2011-2014 CFMoto Z6 UTV

2013 CFMoto 800 Tracker Sport UTV 

2013 CFMoto X8 800 ATV 

2013 CFMoto Z6 Sport UTV

2013 CFMoto Z6EX Sport UTV

2014 CFMoto X6SWB EFI (Single Seat)

2014 CFMoto X8 EFI (Double Seat)

2014 CFMoto Z6 ZForce Sport 600

2014 CFMoto Z6-EX ZForce Sport 600

2014 CFMoto Z8-EX ZForce Sport 800

2015-2016 CFMoto CF800 800cc

2015-2016 CFMoto CFORCE 500 HO EPS ATV

2015-2016 CFMoto UFORCE 500 HO UTV

2015-2016 CFMoto UFORCE 800 EX UTV

2015-2016 CFMoto ZFORCE 600 SSV

2015-2016 CFMoto ZFORCE 800 EX SSV

2015-2016 CFMoto ZFORCE 800 SSV

2017 CFMoto CForce 500 HO

2017 CFMoto CForce 800 Dual Seat

2017 CFMoto UForce 500 Utility

2017 CFMoto UForce 800 Utility

2017 CFMoto ZForce 500 HO SSV

2017 CFMoto ZForce 800 Trail SSV

2017 CFMoto ZForce 800-EX SSV

2018 CFMoto U-Force 800 UTV

2018 CFMoto Z-Force 800 Trail SSV

2018 CFMoto Z-Force 800-EX SSV

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