CFMOTO 400cc Gear Motor

A gear motor is a pairing of gear reducer and ac or dc electrical motor. The gear and the motors are combined into one unit.A gear motor delivers high torque at low horsepower or low speed. The speed specifications for these motors are normal speed and stall-speed torque. These motors use gears, typically assembled as a gearbox, to reduce speed, which makes more torque available. Gear motors are most often used in applications that need a lot of force to move heavy objects.

Front gear motor for CFORCE 400CC 450CC 500S

It is suit for CFmoto ATV and UTV. Connected to the front hub center shaft. 

High quality plastic,durable and for a long time to use. 

Pure copper coils,high torque,strong power and low noise.

Part Number: Q830-314000

Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Siut for:

    2017    ATV    CF400ATR-2L
    2016    ATV    CF400ATR-2S
    2017    ATV    CF400ATR-2S
    2015    ATV    CF400AU
    2016    ATV    CF400AU
    2017    ATV    CF400AU
    2016    ATV    CF400AU-A
    2017    ATV    CF400AU-A
    2016    ATV    CF400AU-B
    2017    ATV    CF400AU-B
    2015    ATV    CF400AU-L
    2016    ATV    CF400AU-L
    2017    ATV    CF400AU-L
    2016    ATV    CF500ATR-2L
    2017    ATV    CF500ATR-2L
    2016    ATV    CF500ATR-2S
    2017    ATV    CF500ATR-2S
    2016    ATV    CF500AU-6B
    2017    ATV    CF500AU-6B
    2016    ATV    CF500AU-7A
    2017    ATV    CF500AU-7A
    2016    ATV    CF500AU-7C
    2017    ATV    CF500AU-7C
    2016    ATV    CF500AU-7L
    2017    ATV    CF500AU-7L
    2016    ATV    CF500AU-7S
    2017    ATV    CF500AU-7S
    2017    ATV    CF800AU-2A
    2018    ATV    CF800AU-2A

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