CF MOTO 500cc Rocker Arm

The valve rocker of a motorcycle is a small part that is responsible for pushing the valve up and down to inhale and exhaust at the right time.


The rocker sound of the motorcycle can be adjusted loudly. Put the piston on the top dead center and adjust the valve clearance to 0.05mm.

The rocker arm itself will not have much sound when it moves. The sound mainly comes from the valve clearance, and it is likely that the valve clearance of the motorcycle is relatively large.

The function of the thorium valve is specifically responsible for inputting air into the engine and exhausting the exhaust gas after combustion. From the structure of the engine, it is divided into an intake valve and an exhaust valve. The role of the intake valve is to suck air into the engine and mix it with fuel for combustion; the role of the exhaust valve is to exhaust and dissipate the exhaust gas after combustion.

The sound of the new motorcycle rocker arm is normal at first, but if there is a sound all the time, it means there is a problem. Generally speaking, a large valve clearance or timing is not correct for the correctness, and the rocker arm and camshaft wear are abnormal The main reason is recommended to check according to the following steps.

1. Adjust the valve clearance. If there is still a rattling noise after adjusting the valve clearance, you can check and adjust again to see if the timing of the valve is not correct.

2. If there is no problem in this aspect, check whether the valve rocker arm and camshaft are worn. If there is wear, there will be abnormal noise even if the clearance is normal.

3. In addition, check whether the timing chain is too long, and whether the timing chain tensioner is invalid. Sometimes they also make a sound similar to a large valve gap. Sometimes the piston is worn and the knock on the cylinder can make this sound.

4, if there is no problem with valve clearance, timing chain, etc., you should also consider whether it is the cause.

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