Linhai 700cc Piston Ring

We can supply linhai 700cc piston ring.Piston rings require good elasticity, high strength and wear resistance.

Wear or damage of the piston ring will cause the engine to work abnormally and lack of power, especially the possibility of consuming oil. If a car with a normal oil fill shows blue exhaust, it is usually a problem with the piston ring.

In order to find out whether the insufficient compression force of the cylinder is caused by a bad piston ring, some clean and good engine oil can be added to the cylinder. If the cylinder compression force is significantly increased after the oil is added, it indicates that the piston ring is bad, and the gas leaks into the oil pan through the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall. If there is no obvious change in the cylinder compression force after the engine oil is added, it indicates that the lack of cylinder compression force is not related to the piston ring, but may be caused by the gas passing through the intake valve or the exhaust valve.

Poor piston rings may be related to their abrasion or air leaks caused by the scorch of the piston ring grooves. At this time, the external performance of the machine during use is that a large amount of exhaust gas leaked into the gas red body through the piston ring emerges from the vent (or fuel filler). In this case, the The cylinder is not working to judge. If after a certain cylinder is cut off, the exhaust gas no longer emerges from the oiling place or the vent, it means that the piston of the cylinder is in bad condition.

If Linhai 700cc piston ring is damaged, we can replace our Linhai 700cc piston ring.

Linhai 700cc piston ring

Linhai 700cc piston ring

Code: 71888

Fit for: Linhai 700cc engine cylinder

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