Linhai 500cc Piston Ring

We can supply Linhai 500cc piston ring.Piston ring is a core component inside a fuel engine.

Among engine parts, the role of the piston ring is very delicate, and a slight defect will affect the performance of the entire engine.

The piston ring has a cutout, and it is not a circular ring in the free state. Its external dimensions are larger than the inner diameter of gas red. Therefore, after it is installed with the piston in the cylinder, it generates elastic force and abuts on the cylinder wall.  

Care should be taken when installing the piston ring

1) the piston ring shall be mounted into the cylinder liner with a certain opening clearance at the interface.

2) the piston ring should be installed on the piston, in the ring groove, along the height of the direction of certain side clearance.

3) the chrome plated ring should be installed in the first opening, not facing the direction of the vortex pit on the top of the piston.

4) the openings of each piston ring are staggered at 120℃, and are not allowed to face the piston pin hole.

5) the piston ring with conical section shall be installed with the conical surface upward.

6) when the general torsion ring is installed, the chamfering or cutting groove should be upward; When installing the reverse torsion ring, keep the cone up.

7) when installing the combination ring, the axial bushing ring shall be installed first, followed by the flat ring and waveform ring. The top and bottom of the waveform ring should be installed with a flat ring, and the openings of each ring should be staggered.

Our Linhai 500cc piston rings has good quality to use.

Linhai 500cc piston ring

Linhai 500cc piston ring

Code: 35124 35125 35126

Fit for: Linhai 500cc engine cylinder

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