Linhai 260cc Piston Kit

We can supply Linhai 260cc piston kit.The working conditions of the piston group are extremely harsh.

The working conditions of the piston group are extremely harsh. It works under high temperature, high load, high speed movement, poor lubrication and difficult cooling.

(1) The piston group is subject to the force of gas in the cylinder, the reciprocating inertial force generated by the high-speed reciprocating mass, and the periodic effect of side thrust generated when the connecting rod is tilted

(2) The piston group is periodically heated by the high-temperature combustion gas, and it works under high temperature for a long time, which not only reduces the strength of the piston material, but also the part of the piston group near the combustion chamber will generate thermal deformation and great thermal stress.

(3) The piston group performs high-speed reciprocating motion under the condition of side thrust and poor lubrication, which causes the piston group to produce large friction loss and wear. At the same time, side thrusts that change direction periodically will also cause the piston to continuously hit the cylinder liner, causing piston deformation and cylinder liner vibration.

We can supply high quality Linhai 260cc piston kit.

Linhai 260cc piston kit

Linhai 260cc piston kit

Code: 22505、22507、22508

Fit for: Linhai 260cc engine

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