Kazuma J500 Jaguar 500cc Piston 192MR-1004001

92mm Piston Kit For Kazuma Xinyang 500cc Atv Engine,Kazuma 500cc Atv Parts,500cc Piston 192mr-1004001

Kazuma J500 Jaguar 500cc piston 192MR-1004001


92mm Piston Kit For Kazuma Xinyang 500cc Atv Engine,Kazuma 500cc Atv Parts, 500cc Piston 192mr-1004001


The piston works under conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and poor lubrication.Piston directly contact with high temperature gas, the instantaneous temperature can reach more than 2500K, therefore, the heat is serious, and the heat dissipation conditions are very poor, so the piston operating temperature is very high, the top up to 600 ~ 700K, and the temperature distribution is very uneven;The top of the piston is under great pressure of gas, especially the power stroke pressure, which is as high as 3 ~ 5MPa for gasoline engine and 6 ~ 9MPa for diesel engine.Piston in the cylinder at a very high speed (8 ~ 12m/s) reciprocating motion, and the speed is constantly changing, which produces a great deal of inertial force, the piston is a great additional load.Working in such harsh conditions, the piston will deform and accelerate wear, as well as additional load and thermal stress, as well as chemical corrosion from the gas.


Fit for: Kazuma J500


Part number: 192MR-1004001


Kazuma J500 Jaguar 500cc piston 192MR-1004001Kazuma J500 Jaguar 500cc piston

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