Hisun 700 Piston Assy

Hisun 700 piston assyis like the central part of a car engine, which occupies an extremely important position when the engine is started. The car piston is used to withstand gas pressure, and the connecting rod drives the crankshaft to rotate through the piston pin. The top of the piston is also a part of the combustion chamber.

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Hisun 700 ATV PISTON ASSYhs 700 atv piston assy

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of engine strengthening, the engine speed, average effective pressure, and average piston speed have all been greatly improved than before, so the thermal load and mechanical load of the engine have increased. Due to the important role of the piston in the engine, the design and manufacturing have also been greatly changed and improved, so that it can meet the high emission standards of the real society.


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Hisun 700 ATV


Company Introduction:

We can supply all kinds of ATV UTV parts. The main brands of parts provided is Hisun, Linhai, Kazuma, Polaris, BRP Can am, Yamaha and so on. 



What is the structure of piston?

The entire piston can be divided into three parts: piston top, piston head and piston skirt.

The main role of the piston is to withstand the combustion pressure in the cylinder and transmit this force to the crankshaft through the piston pin and connecting rod. In addition, the piston also forms a combustion chamber with the cylinder head and cylinder wall.



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