Polaris Sportsman 500 Cylinder Kit

Good-quality Polaris Sportsman 500 Engine Rebuild Cylinder Kit. This cylinder kit is a replacement for the original.

Polaris Sportsman 500 cylinder kit

Fit for 1996-2010 Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV UTV


Polaris 500 cylinder kitPolaris cylinder kit

Cylinder composition: cylinder block, piston, piston ring, piston pin, gasketPrinciple: the pressure of air causes the piston to move, by changing the direction of the intake, the piston rod to change the direction of movement.Failure mode: dead piston, no action;Cylinder weak, seal ring wear, leakage.Structure and working principle of typical cylinder:Take the single piston rod double-acting cylinder most commonly used in pneumatic system as an example to illustrate the typical structure of the cylinder as shown in the figure below.It is composed of cylinder cylinder, piston, piston rod, front end cover, rear end cover and seals.The interior of the double-acting cylinder is divided into two cavities by the piston.A piston rod cavity is called a rod cavity, and a piston rod cavity is called a rod cavity.When the compressed air is input from the rod-less cavity, there is a rod cavity exhaust, and the force formed by the pressure difference between the two cavities of the cylinder ACTS on the piston to overcome the resistance load to push the piston to move, so that the piston rod is extended;When there is a rod cavity inlet and no rod cavity exhaust, make the piston rod retract.If there is a rod cavity and no rod cavity alternating intake and exhaust, the piston reciprocating linear motion.

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