CFMOTO 500CC Cylinder

The design of the cylinder head is key to the performance and efficiency of the internal combustion engine

The design of the cylinder head is key to the performance and efficiency of the internal combustion engine, as the shape of the combustion chamber, inlet passages and ports (and to a lesser extent the exhaust) determines a major portion of the volumetric efficiency and compression ratio of the engine

It is the main body of the engine. It connects the individual cylinders and the crankcase. It is the supporting skeleton for installing the piston, crankshaft and other parts and accessories.

In a reciprocating engine, the cylinder is the space in which a piston travels.

The inner surface of the cylinder is formed from either a thin metallic liner (also called "sleeve") or a surface coating applied to the engine block. A piston is seated inside each cylinder by several metal piston rings, which also provide seals for compression and the lubricating oil. The piston rings do not actually touch the cylinder walls, instead they ride on a thin layer of lubricating oil.For motorcycle engines, a "reverse cylinder engine" is where the intake ports are on the front side of each cylinder, and the exhaust ports are on the rear side of each cylinder.

The number of cylinder heads in an engine is a function of the engine configuration. Almost all inline (straight) engines today use a single cylinder head that serves all the cylinders. A V (or Vee) engine has two cylinder heads, one for each cylinder bank of the 'V'. For a few compact 'narrow-angle' V engines, such as the Volkswagen VR6, the angle between the cylinder banks is so narrow that it uses a single head spanning the two banks. A flat engine (basically a V engine, where the angle between the cylinder banks is now 180°) has two heads. Most radial engines have one head for each cylinder, although this is usually of the monobloc form wherein the head is made as an integral part of the cylinder. This is also common for motorcycles, and such head/cylinder components are referred to as barrels.

Some engines, particularly medium- and large-capacity diesel engines built for industrial, marine, power generation, and heavy traction purposes (large truckslocomotivesheavy equipment, etc.) have individual cylinder heads for each cylinder. This reduces repair costs as a single failed head on a single cylinder can be changed instead of a larger, much more expensive unit fitting all the cylinders. Such a design also allows engine manufacturers to easily produce a 'family' of engines of different layouts and/or cylinder numbers without requiring new cylinder head designs.


The working conditions of the cylinder block are very bad. It is subject to sudden changes in pressure and temperature during combustion and strong friction in piston motion. Therefore, it should have the following properties:

1. Has sufficient strength and rigidity, and the deformation is small, ensuring that the positions of the moving parts are correct, the operation is normal, and the vibration noise is small.

2. Has good cooling performance, there is a cooling water jacket around the cylinder to allow the cooling water to take away heat.

3. Wear-resistant to ensure that the cylinder block has a sufficient service life.

500cc cylinder 

atv cylinder 


It may fits:

2011    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2012    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2013    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2014    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2015    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2016    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

2011    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2012    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2013    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2014    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2015    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2016    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

2011    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2012    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2013    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2014    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2015    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2016    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

2011    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

2012    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

2013    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

2014    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

2015    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

2011    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

2012    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

2013    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

2014    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

2015    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

2016    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5



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