Brake pads, also called brake pads, are the most critical safety parts in a car's braking system. All the brake effects are decisive.

Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, bonded thermal insulation layers and friction blocks. The thermal insulation layer is composed of non-heat-transmitting materials for the purpose of heat insulation; friction blocks are composed of friction materials and adhesives. Extrusion creates friction on the brake disc and brake drum, thereby achieving the purpose of vehicle deceleration braking.

This product is for CFmoto X5, brake pads for disc brakes

CFmoto x5 x6 x8  brake pad 9010-080810

Part code : 9010-080810


Suit for:

2007-2009years     CFMoto CF500 ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto CF500-2 ATV (Single Seat) 

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto Two-Up CF500-2A ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto LWB X-Lander X5 ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto ShortWB (Carb,EFI) X5 ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto SWB Short (carb, EFI) X5 ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto LWB X-Lander X6 ATV

2011.2012.2013.2014years     CFMoto SWB X-Lander X6  ATV

2012years              CFMoto TerraLander X8 ATV

2013years              CFMoto X8 ATV

2014years              CFMoto X8 EFI (Double Seat)

2015years              CFMoto CF800

2015years              CFMoto CForce 500 SWB

2016years              CFMoto 800cc

2016years              CFMoto CForce 500 SWB

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