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Capacitor discharge ignition (abbreviated as CDI), is one of the electronic ignition systems, which is widely used in motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws, small engines, turbo-powered aircraft and some automobiles. In order to shorten the secondary voltage generation time of the ignition coil (high-voltage coil) and make the ignition system more suitable for high-speed engines (such as small engines, racing engines and rotary engines), a capacitor is used to charge and store the required electricity, and When needed, the current is discharged through the ignition coil in one breath to generate high-voltage electricity to trigger spark plug ignition.

Most vehicles use an induction discharge ignition system (transistor ignition system), which uses a battery (or generator) as a power source, uses a transistor circuit to amplify the voltage, and cuts off the primary current of the ignition coil when ignition is needed to cause ignition The magnetic field of the coil collapses and the secondary coil generates high voltage. In the CDI system, the charging circuit charges the capacitor. When the ignition trigger signal is transmitted to the CDI, it stops charging and discharges the capacitor, allowing the high-voltage current stored in the capacitor to generate high-voltage electricity to the ignition coil sufficient to trigger the spark plug ignition.

AC-CDI ignition system has simple structure, low price and convenient use. However, because the generator is directly powered, the voltage of the capacitor is greatly affected by the speed of the generator, and the charging energy of the capacitor is insufficient at low and high speeds, resulting in weak ignition energy, which is likely to cause difficulty in starting a cold car and lower high-speed performance. In order to solve the problem of insufficient charging energy for capacitors at low and high speeds, many middle and high-end motorcycles use direct current CDI (DC-CDI) with direct power supply.

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Q1: Can I get a price discount if I order large quantities?

Yes, it depends on your purchasing quantity, more quantity more discount.

Q2: If we don’t find what we need on your website, what should we do? 

Do you develop new steering rack and pump? You can send us the OE number or of the product you need, we will check if we have them. We also develop new models according to customer’s need; you can contact us for more detail.  

Q3: What about the delivery time? If we have stock, we can send you the goods within 3 working days,if we don't have stock, generally it needs 10 to 40 days.  

Q4: What’s our MOQ? 

Sample order for quality testing 1 piece , normal order 50 pieces for one order with mixed models .  

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