Odes Wheel Cover

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Wheel Dust-Proof Cover

Odes wheel cover


Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Wheel Dust-Proof Cover


10405230020. Wheel Hub


Fit for: Odes Liangzi LZ 800


Part number: 10405230020

Odes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800 Wheel Dust-Proof CoverOdes Liangzi LZ X2 X4 800  Cover


The dust cover is an annular cover, usually stamped from a thin metal plate, fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing, and extending toward the other ring or washer, covering the internal space of the bearing, but not with the other ring Or the washer contacts.


Because the size of the small groove on the outer ring of the bearing is not easy to meet the process requirements during turning, and the ring is deformed after quenching, the non-removable dust cover often has a "loose" phenomenon during assembly, which has become Quality problems prevailing in production plants.


The outer ring of the dust cover is changed to a small square groove as shown in the figure below. Because the assembly method is changed, only the height position of the square groove needs to be controlled. The size of the groove has little effect on the assembly, so it provides favorable conditions for assembly.


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