Odes Rear View Mirror

Odes Assailant Rear view mirror LH and RH

Odes Rear view mirror 


Odes Assailant Rear view mirror LH and RH


Fit for: Odes 800 ATV


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Odes Rear view mirror Odes view mirror

The rearview mirror is a tool for the driver to directly obtain external information such as the rear, side, and bottom of the car while sitting in the cab seat. In order to facilitate the driver's operation, prevent the occurrence of driving safety accidents, and ensure personal safety, all countries stipulate that rearview mirrors must be installed on the car, and all rearview mirrors must be able to adjust the direction.


Rearview mirrors have a problem of horizon, that is, the range that the mirror can reflect. In the industry, there are three elements of vision: the distance between the driver’s eyes and the rearview mirror; the size of the rearview mirror and the radius of curvature of the rearview mirror. There is a certain relationship between these three elements. When the distance and size of the rear-view mirror are the same, the smaller the radius of curvature of the mirror surface, the larger the horizon reflected by the mirror surface. When the curvature radius of the mirror surface is the same, the larger the size of the mirror surface, the larger the field of view reflected by the mirror surface.


At the same time, the rearview mirror also has a reflectance index. The greater the reflectivity, the clearer the image reflected by the mirror. The reflectivity is related to the material of the reflective film on the inner surface of the mirror.


As the speed of general cars increases, wind resistance and noise are important issues for designers to consider. Therefore, the outline of the exterior rearview mirror must conform to aerodynamics, and smooth lines should be used to minimize wind resistance and wind noise.


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