Linhai 260cc Gearshaft B

The gear lever is used to transmit the gear signal to ensure the ATV gear. Our Linhai 260cc gearshaft B is the lever-type gearshift.

The lever-type shifting mechanism mostly uses a hollow rod as the main force transmission component, and the stroke and torque need to be transmitted through the hollow rod connection. The segments, such as bearings, sliding sleeves, and universal joints, are required to achieve the connection. Its advantage is that it has a longer service life and is less affected by the environment. It can adapt to dusty and cold areas, and it is widely praised by drivers.

Due to the large space occupied by the lever-type shifting mechanism, the layout of the chassis below the cab will have some difficulties. In addition, during use, the tie rod connecting ball head will continuously wear, and the gap gradually becomes larger. A longer time will affect the shifting experience. Therefore, the ball head of the lever-type shifting mechanism needs to be replaced regularly.

Our Linhai 260cc gearshaft B is the lever-type gearshift.It has good quality.

linhai 260cc gearshaft B

Linhai 260cc gearshaft B

Fit for: Linhai 260cc vehicle

Code: 21728

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