Linhai 260cc 300cc Boot

We can supply Linhai 260cc 300cc boot. It is an important part of the gearshift.

Boot, also known as the base cover, is an important part of the shift mechanism.

Its main function is to prevent dust from entering the shifting mechanism. Causes wear and damage to the shift head. It can also prevent oily substances inside the shifting mechanism from leaking into the air. Keep your car tidy. It itself is a rubber product and has a good stretching effect. The quality of rubber also affects the quality of BOOT.

If the boot of ATV is broken. You can choose our Linhai 260cc 300cc boot.

Linhai 260cc 300cc boot

Linhai 260cc 300cc boot

Code: 21607A

Fit for: Linhai 260cc 300cc vehicle

After-sales service:

If there is a problem with the goods during transportation, please contact us in time and we will properly resolve our problems.

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