Hisun Right Ball Joint,Balancing Lever

Hisun Right Ball Joint,Balancing Lever consists of a ball and socket similar to the hip joint of the human body. Ball joints of your front suspension provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms to provide a safe, smooth ride and allow you to precisely control your vehicle.

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Hisun 500 ATV Left Ball JointHisun 500 UTV Left Ball Joint


On modern vehicles,  joints are the pivot between the wheels and the suspension of an automobile. They are today almost universally used in the front suspension, having replaced the kingpin/linkpin or trunnion arrangement, but can also be found in the rear suspension of a few higher-performance autos. Ball joints play a critical role in the safe operation of an automobile's steering and suspension.

Many currently manufactured automobiles worldwide use MacPherson strut suspension, which utilises one ball joint per side, between the lower end of the strut and the control arm, with the necessary small amount of articulation at the top of the strut being usually provided by an elastomeric bearing, within which is a ball bearing to allow free rotation about the steering axis. So, there are commonly only two ball joints in the suspension, however there will be at least four (track rod ends and rack ends) in the steering linkage


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The minimum quantity is 1 piece.

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