Hisun 800cc ATV UTV Oxygen Sensor

The Hisun 800cc ATV UTV Oxygen Sensor is an essential component. Once the air-fuel ratio of the mixed gas deviates from the theoretical air-fuel ratio, the purification ability of the three-way catalyst for CO, HC and NOx will drop sharply. Therefore, an oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas. The ECU sends a feedback signal, and then the ECU controls the increase or decrease of the fuel injection volume of the injector, so as to control the air-fuel ratio of the mixture near the theoretical value.

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ERP No of Hisun 800cc Temperature Sensor: P116000391600000

Hisun 800cc ATV Oxygen SensorHisun 800cc UTV Oxygen Sensor

The function of Hisun 800cc ATV UTV Oxygen Sensor is to determine the information about whether there is excess oxygen in the exhaust after combustion of the engine, that is, the oxygen content, and convert the oxygen content into a voltage signal and transmit it to the engine computer, so that the engine can realize the closed-loop control with the excess air factor as the target; The three-way catalytic converter has the greatest conversion efficiency for the three pollutants of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) in the exhaust gas, and can convert and purify the emission pollutants to the greatest extent .

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Hisun 800cc ATV 

Hisun 800cc UTV

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