Hisun 700cc UTV Water Tank

Hisun 700cc UTV Water Tank belongs to the automobile cooling system. The radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber, the main fin and the radiator core.

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The hose of the engine radiator will age after long-term use, and it is easy to break. Water can easily enter the radiator. The hose ruptures during driving. The high-temperature water sprayed out will form a large group of water vapor from under the hood. When this happens, stop at a safe place immediately and take emergency measures to solve it.

Under normal circumstances, when the radiator enters water, the joint of the hose is most prone to cracks and water leakage. At this time, you can use scissors to cut the damaged part, and then re-insert the hose to the radiator water inlet joint, and use a clip or The wire is clamped tightly. If the crack is in the middle of the hose, you can wrap the leaking crack with tape. Wipe the hose clean before wrapping. After the leaking part is dry, wrap the tape around the leaking part of the hose. Because of the water in the hose when the engine is working The pressure is higher, so try to wrap the tape tightly. If you don't have adhesive tape, you can also wrap the plastic paper around the crack first, then cut the old cloth into strips and wrap it around the hose. Sometimes the hose has a large crack and water may still leak after wrapping. At this time, the water tank cover can be opened to reduce the pressure in the water channel and reduce leakage.

After taking the above measures, the engine speed should not be too fast, and the high-end driving should be carried out as much as possible. Pay attention to the pointer position of the water temperature meter during driving. If the water temperature is too high, stop to cool down or add cooling water.

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Hisun 700 UTV

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