Hisun 700 Steering Knuckle Ball Joint B

Hisun 700 steering knuckle ball joint B is widely used in independent suspension systems, and control arms or thrust rods are often connected to other components through ball studs at the ends. The main function of the ball stud is to realize the bouncing and turning movement of the wheel.

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Structure of ball stud

There are two main types of ball stud structure: one is the combination of spherical pin and integral ball seat, and the other is the combination of hemispherical ball pin and spherical member. In the past, coil springs were mostly used for preloading and compensation for wear. Now, synthetic resin ball seats with elasticity and lubrication are widely used, which not only reduces the cost but also improves the handling stability. In addition, the material and shape of the dust cover and the type of grease have been greatly improved, eliminating the grease nipple and realizing a maintenance-free structure. [1] 

Ball studs are mainly composed of end caps, ball studs, ball seats and dust covers, as shown in the figure.

Ball stud structure

Ball stud structure

The end cover is mostly made of stamped steel plate, and its material is mainly carbon steel, and some are also made of aluminum alloy or ductile iron.

The processing accuracy of the ball pin surface is high, and alloy steel with good hardenability is mostly used. The surface of the ball pin matched with the metal ball needs to be surface hardened such as high frequency quenching to improve wear resistance. Now most of the ball pins are used in conjunction with non-metallic ball seats, so only the ball pins need to be tempered. The selection of the diameter of the ball pin should be comprehensively considered based on factors such as tensile strength and durability.

The material of the ball seat is made of surface hardened steel, powder metallurgy, nylon, polyacetal resin, polyurethane and polyester elastomer. Because the material and shape of the ball seat have a great influence on wear and fatigue life, molybdenum disulfide or oil is immersed in the material to improve wear resistance. Reinforcement ribs or composite materials can also be added to the ball seat.

The tightness of the dust cover has a great influence on the wear and fatigue life of the ball stud. Most of its materials are high temperature resistant, oil resistant and aging resistant polyurethane or neoprene. In addition, the design should consider the deformation during its movement to prevent the dust from entering the ball pin from the mating surface after deformation. At the same time, the matching accuracy of the dust cover and related parts also has a great influence on the sealing performance and service life.

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