Hisun 700 Rubber Dust-Cover B

Hisun 700 Rubber Dust-Cover B is applied to the ball joint of the car suspension and driving system, and also used in construction machinery. The dust cover prevents the lubricant from leaking from the ball joint and protects it from external media such as dust and water.

Product Name: Hisun 700 Rubber Dust-Cover B                           ERP No: PJ00000260020100

Hisun Code: 26002-J00000-0100                                                   MOQ: 1 pc 

Shipping: Express                                                                           Delivery time: 3-15 days 

Hisun 700 RUBBER DUST COVERHisun 700 ATV UTV Rubber Dust Cover

The material used for the dust cover is thermoplastic elastomer, also known as thermoplastic rubber, which is a polymer alloy material between 2113 of rubber and thermoplastic. When the ball cage on the axle prevents the 5261 dust cover from breaking or being damaged, Dust will enter and grease will leak. 4102 This will cause an impact sound from the axle joints, especially when the car is turning. The transmission shaft is an important component of the automobile transmission system.

It has the dual characteristics of rubber and plastic: it is 1653 at room temperature like rubber, with elasticity, cold resistance, and electrical insulation; it can be plasticized at high temperature. It is the so-called third-generation rubber after natural rubber and synthetic rubber, which is simply called TPE. The main function of the dust cover is to prevent dust, water and prevent the oil inside from drying out to protect the bearings

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Fit for:

Hisun 400 ATV 

Hisun 500 ATV 

Hisun 700 ATV 

Hisun 400 UTV

Hisun 500 UTV

Hisun 700 UTV

Hisun 800 UTV

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How about the minimun quantity? 

The minimum quantity is 1 piece.

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