Hisun 500 700 Voltage Regulator

Hisun 500 700 Voltage Regulator is a rectifying device. In short, it is a device that converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). It has two main functions: first, it converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), and supplies it to the load after filtering, or to the inverter; Therefore, it also functions as a charger.

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Hisun 500 700 Voltage RegulatorHisun 500 ATV Voltage Regulator


The main application of the rectifier is to convert AC power to DC power. Since all electronic equipment needs to use DC, but the power company's power supply is AC, so unless a battery is used, the power supply of all electronic equipment is indispensable with a rectifier.

As for the voltage conversion of DC power supply, it is much more complicated. One method of DC-DC conversion is to first convert the power to AC (using a device called an inverter), then use a transformer to change the AC voltage, and then rectify the DC power back.

Rectifiers are also used for the detection of amplitude-modulated (AM) radio signals. The signal may be amplified (amplified) before detection. If it is not amplified, a very low voltage drop diode must be used. Care must be taken with capacitors and load resistors when using a rectifier for demodulation. If the capacitance is too small, the high frequency components will be transmitted too much, and if it is too large, the signal will be suppressed.

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