Hisun 500 700 ECU Controller

Hisun 500 700 ECU Controller refers to the main command device that changes the wiring of the main circuit or the control circuit and changes the resistance value in the circuit to control the starting, speed regulation, braking and reverse of the motor in a predetermined order. It consists of a program counter, an instruction register, an instruction decoder, a timing generator, and an operation controller. It is a "decision making body" that issues orders, that is, it coordinates and directs the operation of the entire computer system.

Product Name: Hisun 500 700 ECU Controller                       ERP No: PJ00000392000000

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Hisun 500 ATV ECU ControllerHisun 700 ATV ECU Controller


The controller is divided into a combination logic controller and a micro-program controller. Both controllers have their strengths and weaknesses. The design of combinational logic controller is cumbersome and complicated in structure. Once the design is completed, it cannot be modified or expanded, but it is fast. The microprogram controller is convenient in design, simple in structure, and easy to modify or expand. To modify the function of a machine instruction, you only need to reprogram the corresponding microprogram. To add a machine instruction, you only need to add a microprogram to the control memory. However, it does this by performing a microstep. The specific comparison is as follows: The combined logic controller is also called a hard-wired controller, which is composed of logic circuits and relies on hardware to implement the function of instructions.

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