CFMoto Thermoswitch

CFMoto Thermoswitch

CFMoto CF188 CF500 500cc Engine Thermoswitch.This is CF500 Thermoswitch for the 4 stroke liquid cooled CFmoto CF500 CF188 engine. It may also fits other water cooled engine.

CFMoto Thermoswitch ATV listed part number is 0010-135000 with old part number listed as CF250T-420500

The thermal switch makes use of the different thermal expansion coefficients of the component layers of the bimetal. When the temperature changes, the deformation of the active layer is greater than that of the passive layer, so the whole bimetal will bend toward the passive layer. The curvature of this composite material changes to produce this characteristic of deformation to realize the device of current on and off.

CFMoto Thermoswitch may fits

  • 2012    SSV    CF625-6    ZForce Z6-EX

  • 2013    SSV    CF625-6    ZForce Z6-EX

  • 2014    SSV    CF625-6    ZForce Z6-EX

  • 2015    SSV    CF625-6    ZForce Z6-EX

  • 2016    SSV    CF625-6    ZForce Z6-EX

  • 2011    ATV    CF625-C    Terralander 625 X6

  • 2012    ATV    CF625-C    Terralander 625 X6

  • 2013    ATV    CF625-C    Terralander 625 X6

  • 2014    ATV    CF625-C    Terralander 625 X6

  • 2015    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

  • 2014    UTV    CF800UU-A    UForce U8

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