CFMoto 500 Ignition Coil

CFMoto 500 Ignition Coil,CF125cc to CF250cc Ignition Coil, It works on other motors as long as your original coil has same wiring style.

CFMoto 500 Ignition Coil.It is the cheapest and easiest to install performance upgrade for your scooter. These will only boost performance if your engine and transmission are operating up to peak already. We would recommend also buying a high performance ignition CDI.

CFMoto 500 Ignition Coil,CF Moto 500cc ATV listed part number is 0180-152000 with old part number listed as CF188-152000

CFMoto 500 Ignition Coil may fits

  • 2011    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2012    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2013    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2014    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2015    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2016    ATV    CF500    CForce X5

  • 2011    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2012    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2013    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2014    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2015    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2016    ATV    CF500-2    CForce X5

  • 2011    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2012    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2013    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2014    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2015    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2016    ATV    CF500-2A    CForce X5

  • 2011    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

  • 2012    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

  • 2013    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

  • 2014    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

  • 2015    UTV    CF500-3    UForce U500 U5

  • 2011    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

  • 2012    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

  • 2013    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

  • 2014    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

  • 2015    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

  • 2016    ATV    CF500-A    CForce X5

There are two sets of coils in the usual ignition coil, the primary coil and the secondary coil. The primary coil uses a thicker enameled wire, usually about 0.5-1mm enameled wire around 200-500 turns; the secondary coil uses a thinner enameled wire, usually about 15000-25000 turns of about 0.1mm enameled wire. One end of the primary coil is connected with the low-voltage power supply (+) on the vehicle, and the other end is connected with the switch device (breaker). One end of the secondary coil is connected with the primary coil, and the other end is connected with the output end of the high-voltage line to output high-voltage electricity.

The reason why the ignition coil can turn the low voltage on the car into high voltage is because it has the same form as an ordinary transformer. The primary coil has a larger turns ratio than the secondary coil. However, the working mode of the ignition coil is different from that of the ordinary transformer. The working frequency of the ordinary transformer is fixed at 50Hz, also known as the power frequency transformer, while the ignition coil works in the form of pulse, which can be regarded as a pulse transformer. The rotational speed repeatedly stores and discharges energy at different frequencies.

When the primary coil is connected to the power supply, a strong magnetic field is generated around the iron core as the current increases; when the switch device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil decays rapidly, and the secondary coil A very high voltage will be induced. The faster the magnetic field of the primary coil disappears, the greater the current when the current is disconnected, and the greater the turns ratio of the two coils, the higher the voltage induced by the secondary coil.

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