Oil pipe is a component used in automobile brake system. It has two classifications: hose and hard tube. The material of the brake hard tube is mainly 20 gauge steel and copper tube, which has better shape and heat dissipation; the material of the brake hose is mainly nylon tube PA11, and generally there is CCC on it. The logo is relatively soft.

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CF MOTO 500CC BRAKE HOSEcf 500 brake fluid hose

The brake hose is an important part of the brake system, and it has a higher maintenance and replacement rate in the brake system during after-sales maintenance. Once the brake hose is rusted and rotted, it will cause the brakes to fail. It is conceivable how dangerous it is to have no brakes. Therefore, whether it is a new car or a used car, you should go to a regular repair shop for inspection before getting on the highway.

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The minimum quantity is 1 piece

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