CF MOTO 500 PEDAL BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER controls the vacuum entering the booster pump to move the diaphragm during the braking process, and uses the push rod on the diaphragm to assist the manpower to step on and push the brake pedal through the intermodal device, thereby stepping on the driver The force of the plate produces an amplified effect.

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CF 500 break pumpCF MOTO 500 BREAK PUMP

CF MOTO 500 PEDAL BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER is a vacuum chamber with a large diameter. There is a diaphragm (or piston) with a push rod in the middle. The chamber is divided into two parts. One part is connected to the atmosphere, and the other part is connected to the atmosphere through a pipe. The engine intake pipe is connected. Therefore, when the engine is turned off, since there is no intake vacuum, there is no boost, and the manpower required for braking will be very large. It should be noted here that many novices believe that there will be no brakes when the engine is turned off, which is wrong.

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