BRP 1000 Oil Seal Ø25×ø47×7

The choice of BRP 1000 Oil Seal ø25×ø47×7 material is of great significance to its sealing performance and service life. The performance of the material directly affects the performance of the sealing ring.

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BRP 1000 OIL SEAL 25X47X7Can am 1000 Oil Seal

Matters needing attention when installing and using BRP 1000 Oil Seal ø25×ø47×7:

(1) Can not install the wrong direction and damage the lips. If there are scars above 50μm on the lips, it may cause obvious oil leakage.

(2) Prevent forced installation. Do not use a hammer to knock in, but use a special tool to first press the sealing ring into the seat hole, and then use a simple cylinder to protect the lip through the spline. Before installation, apply some lubricating oil to the lips to facilitate installation and prevent burns during initial operation. Pay attention to cleaning.

(3) Prevent overdue use. The service life of rubber seals for dynamic seals is generally 3000~5000h, and new seal rings should be replaced in time.

(4) Replace the seal ring with the same size. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the instructions, and select the same size of the sealing ring, otherwise the tightness and other requirements cannot be guaranteed.

(5) Avoid using old sealing rings. When using a new sealing ring, check its surface quality carefully to ensure that there are no defects such as small holes, protrusions, cracks and grooves, and have sufficient elasticity before using it.

(6) During installation, all parts of the opened hydraulic system should be cleaned strictly, and special tools should be used to prevent fingers from being scratched by sharp metal edges.

(7) When replacing the sealing ring, check the groove of the sealing ring strictly, remove the dirt, and polish the bottom of the groove.

(8) In order to prevent damage and cause oil leakage, it must be operated in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, the machine cannot be overloaded for a long time or run in a relatively harsh environment

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Fit for:

BRP Can am 

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How about the minimun quantity? 

The minimum quantity is 1 piece

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