42-1040 Ball Joint

Ball joints are widely used in independent suspension systems. Control arms or thrust rods are often connected to other components through ball joints located at the ends. The main function of the ball pin is to realize the up and down movement of the wheel and the steering movement.

There are two main ball pin structures: one is the combined type of spherical pin and integral ball seat, and the other is the combined type of hemispherical ball pin and spherical member. In the past, coil springs were mostly used for pre-compression and wear compensation structures. Now, synthetic resin ball seats with elasticity and lubrication are widely used, which not only reduces costs, but also improves handling stability. In addition, the material and shape of the dust cover, and the type of grease have been greatly improved. The grease nipple has been eliminated, and a maintenance-free structure has been realized.

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Q1: Can I get a price discount if I order large quantities?

Yes, it depends on your purchasing quantity, more quantity more discount.

Q2: If we don’t find what we need on your website, what should we do? 

Do you develop new steering rack and pump? You can send us the OE number or of the product you need, we will check if we have them. We also develop new models according to customer’s need; you can contact us for more detail.  

Q3: What about the delivery time? If we have stock, we can send you the goods within 3 working days,if we don't have stock, generally it needs 10 to 40 days.  

Q4: What’s our MOQ? 

Sample order for quality testing 1 piece , normal order 50 pieces for one order with mixed models .  

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